About Our Company:

AverScents has been around since early 2016, we started our company just focusing on the lotion, as our products grew, we grew with the demand of our products. In 2018 we decided to launch our gel/spray lines at our customer request, since then our products have been rated 5/5 with all selling platforms and customers. 


In 2019, we sold our company to Ponder Brands, a company that focuses strickly on customer trends, and it will allow our company to grow more in the right direction to best serve our new/existing customer base. 



Our products from lotions, gels, sprays are all made with natural ingredients to bring out the best colors, use, and most of all the smell. We want all of our customers that use our products have the best experience as possible when it comes to using Ponder Brands products


About Ponder Brands: 

In order for AverScents to join the Ponder Brands family, we had to structor our company to their order of complaince, Ponder Brands focuses on several different types of companies from candles, pets, printing services, and more. We wanted to be apart of their family, in order to do so, we issued new high performing formulas, good price points to our customers, and raised our ratings, since the company take over by Ponder Brands, we are able to meet all customer orders, and bring great new scents to our customers better than ever!


A Ponder Brands Company